Pre-school dance program

Dance Styles

RAD ballet – from the age of 3

AIDT modern – from the age of 4

Tap – from the age of 4

We are in this together:

We are proud to say that our studio provides a positive atmosphere and an educational experience for our student as well as our parents, and we appreciate the importance of class attendance.

The spirit of teamwork and dedication are a big part of our school’s educational progress.

Parents and Teachers may look at a child’s learning from a different perspective.  However, we believe that they share a common goal:  to ensure that every child receives the best possible training, both physically and mentally whilst having fun.  Mutual respect among our faculty and our students provides the children with the ultimate care and education.


How it works

We offer classes at the following pre-schools:

Melkbosstrand Pre-Primary, Babbel & Krabbel, Noah’s Ark (Melkbos Private school) and The Little Fellowship.

  • If you attend one of the above-mentioned schools; we travel to your school and a qualified dance teacher will run a fun filled and structured class.
  • Lessons are 30min in duration, once a week
  • After a warm-up we make use of fun-filled storylines to encourage imagination whilst developing cognitive and motor skills. The class ends off with light stretches for flexibility.
  • Pre-school dance includes 9 lessons per term or 36 lessons per year.
  • Parents are provided with the lesson plan and outcomes at the end of each term to better understand the quality of movement.
  • Dance is a long-term training commitment.  Although the benefits are instant, training a dance technique takes time.
  • We believe that to achieve the benefits from your dance development program, students are encouraged to attend regularly and continue over a long period of time.
  • At the end of each term, parents are invited to view the last lesson of each term.

If you are not attending any of the above-mentioned schools or you wish to make your way to the studio, we also offer pre-school classes at the main Melani school of Dance venue.

Modern and Tap classes will only be taught at the above-mentioned schools if the school shows enough interest.

The studio provides pre-school modern and tap classes on site.

Positive reinforcement:

With a positive attitude and loving environment, rewarding children is easy as it goes alongside building a strong self-esteem.

  • Each lesson is ended with a special sticker.
  • Students are regularly assessed, and a report is handed out once a year.
  • A Melani School of Dance Certificate will be awarded at the end of the year alongside a small awards ceremony.